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*Go to date in Sorted*

This prompts for a date that you can dictate and it opens to that specified date. (edited)

*Add to Sorted From Omnifocus*

Takes selected content from Omnifocus and replicates the project structure in Sorted. (edited)

*Things to Sorted*

Smart processing of shared Things Content.

_Due to the way Things shares its data. Not all information will be carried over._ (edited)

*Generate Open Sorted Link*

Prompts for the Project Name and then generates a callback-url that opens that project. (edited)

*Add to Sorted (Dictated)*

Dictate a task to be added to Sorted. (edited)

*Autoadd a task to Sorted*

Like the _Add to Sorted (Dictated)_ except instead of forcing you to paste content into the field it adds it to the inbox. (Great for quick adds) (edited)

*Sorted Slack*

Open directly to the Sorted Slack Workspace. (edited)

*Notes into Sorted (iOS)*

Takes content from a note and processes it into Sorted (edited)

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