Release Notes v3.1

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Sorted³ v3.1 includes great new features for iOS 12 and watchOS 5 - including support for Siri Shortcuts, the Siri watch face and new watch infograph complications.




Siri Shortcuts feature is available on iOS 12. Siri will suggest you on the Lock screen with common actions done in Sorted³, like "Show Today" or "Add Task".


Besides that, you can also build custom shortcuts in Sorted³ Settings and record voice commands for them. Here are a few examples.


• Add new Task or Event

Create shortcuts to open the New Task / Event dialog, pre-filled with scheduled date, time, list, tags and other info you want. It also supports copying markdown format from clipboard.


• Quick access to Lists, Tags and Future Days

Record shortcuts to show a particular List or Tag, filtered by Tags. You can also jump to a day ahead, like "Tomorrow" or "Next Monday"


• Search Everything

Provide the search phrase, so Siri can bring you the information at any time.




We've added full support for watchOS 5. Sorted³ supports all the new complications and beautiful infograph watch faces. You can also find Sorted³ on the Siri watch face.




We have enhanced URL Scheme support for adding new events and process all the properties that our Siri Shortcuts support.




• Fixed a sync issue with new tasks created via URL Scheme

• Fixed an issue of showing duplicate repeating tasks on some time zones

• Fixed an issue about setting end time for recurring events

• Fixed an issue with cancelling multiple items by pinch gesture

• Fixed an issue with moving lists to folder using picker view

• Shows end time for scheduled event inside Apple Watch app

• Fixed several sync issues with Apple Watch


Thank you for your continued support and feedback! We hope you enjoy the brand new Sorted³. Please leave us a review to help others learn more about it.


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Twitter: @Stay_Sorted

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